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Mass Tort Leads IMAGE

How to Generate the Best Mass Tort Leads

Mass tort lead generation requires an intricate strategy. A single lead can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, so the race to acquire these leads is highly competitive. In this guide, we talk about mass tort lead buying and other lead generation tactics.

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Dec. 6 Webinar - Outsourcing Intake for Success

WEBINAR: Converting Mass Tort Leads

What does it take to successfully convert mass tort leads? In this webinar, you'll learn about everything involved including: how the lead source type impacts the lead flow and bandwidth required, how to qualify and screen on intake, and more!

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IMAGE Tracking Legal Leads

Tracking Legal Leads Across Marketing Channels

Your firm’s ability to cultivate and convert leads, from first contact to client, can make or break your bottom line. We'll show you how to track leads across marketing channels.

Immigration eBook

How to Safely Scale Your Immigration Practice

With the rising demand for immigration legal services, growing your practice without scaling up is the road to burnout. Scaling can be easier and safer than you think, as long as you choose the right model.

Dec. 6 Webinar - Outsourcing Intake for Success

Download Our Webinar: Outsourcing Legal Intake for Success

Listen to our recorded webinar to learn about the importance of a quality intake process and how outsourcing intake can help save you time and money while increasing your retainers.

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Is Technology the Key to Retaining More Legal Clients?

Learn how legal technology can help support client retention by improving client experiences and setting you apart from the competition.

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6 Technologies/ Tools Every Law Firm Needs to Elevate Their Client Intake

Learn about the six specific technologies/tools that we believe if you don't have, you are missing out on.

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The Critical Role of Data Security in Law Firm Technology

 Make sure that you are properly using online tools so that your firm won't have a cybersecurity attack.

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10 Reasons Our Clients Love Us

Understand specific reasons why our customers choose us as their partner.

info.alertcommunications.comhs-fshubfsResources PageIMAGE Be the Hero

Be the Hero

Attention Marketing Agencies! This is a step by step guide to helping your clients evaluate their intake process.

IMAGE The Benefits of Becoming an Alert Partner

The Benefits of Becoming an Alert Partner

Learn how to make the most out of our shared interest in promoting legal marketing success.

IMAGE Better Intake= Better Marketing ROI

Better Intake = Better Marketing ROI

How to help your clients achieve the results they are looking for.

Image Case Study

Case Study

"Alert really helped cover everything we couldn’t handle to make sure every lead got a timely response and a qualified intake.”

Image 10 ways to ensure leads

10 Ways to Ensure Your Leads are Not Lost in Your Next Mass Tort Campaign

Maximize your marketing return on investment and drive growth with this eBook.

Image Top 10 Questions for Law Firms to Ask When Hiring a Call Center

Top 10 Questions for Law Firms to Ask When Hiring a Call Center

A guide on how to "interview" your law firm's next potential partner.

Law Firm Technology

How Alert Can Help Your Law Practice

This informative guide will help you streamline your overall law firm practice.

Alert What to Expect Infographic-01 (1)

What to Expect When Starting Your Partnership with Alert

This infographic shows our on boarding process step by step. 

Image How to Convert More of Your Personal Injury and Mass Tort Leads into Clients with Superior Intake Services

How to Convert Mass Tort Leads into Clients

This eBook steps through best practices in order to establish your superior intake process.

Infographic What Makes Alert Diff

What Makes Alert Different?

Not all legal call centers are created equal.  Here is an infographic showing nine features that set Alert apart from other providers.

Services Comparison Checklist Cover Image with Border

Service Comparison Checklist

Critical questions to review before hiring a call center for your law firm meant to help you make the best decision for your needs.  

Cover Photo PC How to Honestly Evaluate Your Personal Injury Client Intake Process-1

Scorecard: How to Evaluate Your  Client Intake Process

What can you do to improve your personal injury client intake process?

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Guide: Turn Bankruptcy Inquiries into Attorney Appointments

Get started with a plan to manage professionalcall center etiquette for bankruptcy law.


A Guide for Personal Injury Lawyers to Turn Leads into Clients

Specific and actionable steps for your business to capture and convert more leads are included in this guide.

Sample intake form-132243-edited

Copies of Case Specific Sample Intake Forms

We have hundreds of different intake formsthat are specific to the many different caseor sub case needs.

Law Firm Technology

5 Tips for Choosing a Legal Answering Service

As a legal professional, you know firsthand how challenging it can be to create any kind of a work-life balance. You want to be able to help your clients and answer questions the moment they call your office.

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