Are you losing leads due to inadequate call intake services and systems? 

Personal Injury Call Intake Services GuideMany personal injury firms do a great job of developing new leads through marketing campaigns, but often don't see the ROI they'd like due to the services and systems in place for call intake. This is exactly why we wrote this guide. In it, we cover:

  • Professional call center etiquette for personal injury law firms 
  • Specific tools to create strategic protocol for call management 
  • Call intake scripts
  • Ideas for training and reporting
  • Instructions for call timing and delivery of data 

You spend time and money on your marketing efforts. Now it is time to invest in your first interaction between the potential client and your firm. Having protocols for your phone etiquette and delivery of intake information and scheduling is crucial.  

If you are looking for a few specific things to do for your business to capture and convert more leads, then download this free resource now. 

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