Image Top 10 Questions for Law Firms to Ask When Hiring a Call Center

How do you properly vet a potential partner for your law firm?

When you operate a law firm, there’s a strong desire to try
to “do it all” and tackle as many of the operational tasks as
possible. However, many law firms can benefit enormously
from partnering with a call center - when they choose the right one. A call center can handle overflow calls, provide after-hours support and even deliver a better client conversion rate due to an optimized intake process. All of this around-the-clock for potential clients and existing clients alike.

We understand choosing the right partner can be difficult. Unfortunately, not every call center is the same. Many don’t specialize in the legal industry and may not have the knowledge and expertise of a call center that does. Others may only be available during regular business hours, causing your firm to miss out on leads that inquire during off-hours. Some under-qualified call centers use a one-size-fits-all approach to client intake, offering only templated formats that make qualifying leads harder, rather than customizing them for each law firm.

The key to building a successful, lasting and profitable relationship with a reputable call center is vetting and evaluating your options, and we want to help! We have created this guide to highlight the top 10 questions for your law firm to ask when hiring a call center partner. For each question, we have provided an explanation of WHY this is important to ask when "interviewing" potential partners.

While our team is always available to talk with you, we have created this informative eBook to help your law firm find the right call center to handle your intake needs.

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